We accept manuscripts via email only: info(youknowit)parsimonie.de

We accept prose and essays only.

Feel free to send papers at any time throughout the year.

We will not accept any topics with racist subject matter, neither in prose form nor as essays. Apart from this, you can choose your own topic.

The maximum length is 4 – 5 pages at 2,000 characters per page (Download example page. ). Please add your name and your location as well.

We find in your document (.doc or .rtf): Your name, your e-mailadress (will not be published), the place you live, a title an content.

Do not copy! We want the original. If you copied, we will find out, even if you try to hide it…

We know how painful it is not to be accepted for publication. However, should this happen to you, we request that you respect our decision. We do not have the capacity to provide detailed explanations as to why your article was not accepted, and we appreciate your respect in this regard as well. In any case, feel free to submit further articles with us for consideration in future.

Please note: we do read your submissions. Should we decide to publish your article, we reserve the right to slightly modify the text (in terms of layout, spelling and occasionally other types of revision. In the latter case, we will contact the author).